Battery storage systems

GivEnergy range

We are big advocates of the available range of GivEnergy products. GivEnergy offers products which are superior in their class and the manufacturer has over 10 years of experience in battery development. A great feature they boast, is that their systems can be sited outside with their IP65 rating; this means you don't need to use your loft space or a garage for the equipment.


Installing a hybrid inverter with a new PV installation in a 'DC coupled' configuration is a great way to keep costs down, if you are planning to have a battery sometime in the future. Utilising as much of the energy you produce as possible amplifies your payback period. Take a look at our page which runs through the most common configurations.

All installers of GivEnergy products must be qualified as an electrician and complete the manufacturer's installation training programme for the product warranties to be valid.

We've compiled a list of GivEnergy products we'd recommend, along with the PDF datasheet so you can review their specifications. 



Giv-Bat 5.2


Giv-HY 3.6

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