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My Story

Dan started his career as a Royal Marines Commando in 2010. After an operational tour of Helmand Province, Afghanistan, Dan set his career on a new technical pathway by retraining as an Electronics Technician. Here, he carried out a critical role in the maintenance and repair of cutting-edge military communications equipment.


In 2016, Dan left the Royal Marines and joined the Ministry of Defence within the Combat Systems Design Authority as a junior engineer. His initial role was as a communications specialist, where he was primarily responsible for the integration of new communications systems onboard the Royal Navy's surface ships, including the new Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier. He left the department as the Lead Engineer for Sensors, where he oversaw the procurement of the Royal Navy’s primary and secondary navigation radars. Within his 4 year tenure within the MoD, he completed a part-time Bachelor of Engineering, achieving a First Class Honours. He also went on to gain an MSc in Military Electronics Systems Engineering, achieving a Distinction and an award for the biggest contributor to the course, voted by his fellow class.  


In 2020 Dan was presented with an interesting opportunity to work in the Seeker and Datalink department of MBDA, the largest missile designer and manufacturer in Europe. Here, he was the engineering lead for the development of the company’s new missile seeker test suite, in a joint venture between the UK and France. This was a very challenging role, but gave a rare exposure to one of the most sophisticated and closely guarded areas within Defence. 


Dan began repurposing his skills towards renewable energy in 2020, mostly motivated by interest rather than a business. During the refurbishment of his property, he noticed that many trade professionals lacked certain standards, values, and behaviors, which are unquestionably critical to enable an acceptable execution of work to the client's specification. What he noticed was lacking, formed the core values of Potentia Engineering. 


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